Supercharger Rotor Coating
Precision Thermal Barrier Coating Service

Our Supercharger Rotor Coating Service provides a cooler air charge while tightening rotor clearance for a better moving air seal. Our exclusive Thermal Barrier Coating formula has proven performance in the harshest intake environments, even Water Injection and Methanol Injection Systems. For the best rotor-to-bore seal available, our precision coating is expertly applied to within 0.0001" . We offer Coating Service Combination Packages for customers who choose more than one of our coating services. Our precision, Thermal Barrier Coating Services include our exclusive Interference-fit Rotor Coating and Internal Rotor Bores Coating. We also offer Color Choice Powder Coating Services.

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Eaton Supercharger Rebuild Services brought to you by The High Speed Lab for superior customer care, from Embree Specialty Machine with 20+ years Eaton Supercharger remanufacturing experience.